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Written by: Kevin Kerrigan - Pacific News Center

Guam - Guam Attorney General Lenny Rapadas has withdrawn a request made by Assistant AG Nelson Werner to CSC Director Tony Lamorena that documents pertaining to the Civil Service appeals of 6 Port employees not be released.

Assistant AG Werner made the request in a letter he sent last Friday to Civil Service Director Tony Lamorena.

Werner wrote that the appeals of the 6 employees was also the subject of an ongoing criminal investigation and he"respectfully" requested "that the Civil Service Commission refrain from compelling parties to disclose documents."


Pacific News Center - Written by Janela Buhain Carrera

Guam - Senator Rory Respicio is accusing the Attorney General of "political interference" by trying to restrict access to public Civil Service documents related to the firing of 6 Port employees in December.

Senator Rory Respicio has written a letter to Attorney General Lenny Rapadas accusing two of his employees of attempting to taint the outcome of the appeal that 6 fired Port employees are making with the Civil Service Commission. Respicio says the actions of the two Assistant General’s is "highly unorthodox, smacks of political intrusion and raises the specter that these employees won’t get the fair and impartial ruling they deserve."


Pacific News Center - Written by Cameron Miculka

A local senator wants a special prosecutor assigned to the investigation of Port Authority of Guam employees terminated from their position.

Sen. Rory Respicio yesterday wrote to Attorney General Leonardo Rapadas making the request, citing concerns that staff from the Office of the Attorney General were interfering with due process.

Respicio argued that Assistant Attorney General Nelson Werner was placing "undue influence over the case and is a clear attempt to influence (Civil Service Commission) members."

Workers' compensationLast year, the Port fired six employees who allegedly were helping the Port's marketing administrator obtain illegal workers' compensation benefits, according to documents filed with the Civil Service Commission.


by Sabrina Salas Matanane - KUAM News

Guam - Senator Rory Respicio is concerned about what he believes is "political interference" on the part of the Attorney General's Office. Senator Respicio in a letter to AG Leonardo Rapadas is specifically referring to a letter from Assistant AG Nelson Werner to the Civil Service Commission last week which informed the agency of an ongoing criminal investigation into the six employees who were terminated from the Port Authority of Guam. The investigation as we reported centers around the handling of former Port Marketing Administrator Bernadette Stern Meno's work injury. AAG Werner specifically requested that the Commission refrain from compelling parties to disclose documents produced in response to the Office's inquiry into the matters. The six employees have filed an appeal with the CSC to their terminations. Senator Respicio says the AG's office is attempting to make the Port documents which are public; now private by saying these employees are part of an on–going criminal investigation. The lawmaker adds this is an unusual memo from the AG's office inserted into a personnel matter that appears to be an attempt to distract CSC members from focusing strictly on the merits of the appeals. He also contends this could be a stall tactic to prevent the employees to prepare their motions, so that the AAG Werner can secure indictments against them.

Sen. Respicio in his letter to Rapadas, also points out that Chief Deputy Attorney General Phil Tydingco is the brother of Port Authority of Guam Chairperson Dan Tydingco (who he claims is allegedly behind all the allegations made by Port employees). Sen. Respicio renewed former Senator Judi Guthertz request that Rapadas appoint a special prosecutor to look into the allegation and requested the Chief Deputy AG be disqualified from any matter specifically involving the Port. As we reported Sen. Respicio hired one of the terminated employees, Bernadette Stern Meno. He wrote that although he has refrained speaking publicly about the CSC matter, "this latest attempt by certain individuals in your office working with the Port's Chairman and legal counsel, to interfere with this case and restrict the employees rights to fair and impartial due process through the CSC, requires me to stand publicly against any form of threats, intimidation or coercion against government workers and the process that is afforded to them," stated Respicio.


Written by Kevin Kerrigan - Pacific News Center

Guam - Senator Rory Respicio is accusing the Attorney General of "political interference" by trying to restrict access to public Civil Service documents related to the firing of 6 Port employees in December.

In a letter written today [Monday February 25] to Guam Attorney General Lenny Rapadas, the Senator writes that "the AGO is attempting to make Port documents, which are public documents, now 'private' documents by saying these employees are part of an on‐going criminal investigation."

The Senator says the AG is "making it impossible for these petitioners [the fired Port employees] to continue their CSC appeals properly."and he writes that he is renewing former Senator Judith P. Guthertz’s request made" in December of last year for "an independent investigation into this matter."


by Ken Quintanilla - KUAM

Guam - After five weeks of handcounting ballots from the 2010 general election, the Guam Election Commission presented its findings to commissioners that had some speculating a change in the results, not in the gubernatorial race, but for the Legislature.

It took a little over one month to handcount five precincts from the 2010 general election and during its GEC meeting Wednesday night, executive director Maria Pangelinan reported the results. "The difference of the gubernatorial race was minimal," she said.

Of the hand count summary of the five precincts, results showed Gutierrez-Aguon receiving five less votes from the certified results, whereas Calvo-Tenorio received two additional votes.


Written by Dance Aoki - Pacific Daily News

Money to pay for repairs to dilapidated public schools was a large part of yesterday's Legislative session.

Senators discussed six bills yesterday and are expected to resume session today. About a dozen bills are listed in the February session agenda.

Sen. Rory Respicio, author of Bill 8, said the bill would authorize the superintendent to use money raised from the expiration of tax cuts for high-income taxpayers for school operations, repairs and renovations.

According to The Associated Press, federal taxes are likely to raise $620 billion in new high-income revenues, mostly by allowing Bush-era tax cuts to expire for individuals making more than $400,000 and couples making more than $450,000 a year. But for people below that income threshold, the income tax rate will remain the same.


Written by Clynt Ridgell - Pacific News Center

Guam - The legislature began its February Session Monday. On the agenda is 11 bills 2 resolutions and 3 appointments. Up for confirmation are Carl Dominguez as DPW director. Lorilee Crisostomo as director of bureau of statistics and plans and Monte Del Mar Mesa as a member of GEDA's board.

Lawmakers began with discussing four bills this morning including a measure introduced by senator Rory Respicio to appropriate any additional tax revenues realized on Guam because of the partial expiration of bush tax cuts. Senator Respicio explains that President Obama and the U.S. congress have agreed to let the bush tax cuts for those who make $400 thousand dollars or more expire and this means anyone on Guam making more than $400 thousand dollars a year will have to pay more in taxes.

"What this bill would do is it would just capture all of these unanticipated revenues and automatically appropriate it to the Department of Education so they can do so they can proceed with their school renovations and repairs,” said Senator Respicio.


Written by Kevin Kerrigan - Pacific News Center

Guam -Senator Rory Respicio has written to Governor Calvo urging him to release more funds from the Tourist Attraction Fund [TAF] to hire more police officers for the Tumon Precinct.

In his letter to the Governor, Respicio points out that a bill he sponsored which became law calls for the release of $650-thousand dollars from the TAF to hire new officers and install security systems in Tumon.

The Guam Police Department requested those funds on January 10th, but Respicio writes "their request remains with BBMR awaiting action."


Pacific Daily News

Sen. Rory Respicio has called on Gov. Eddie Calvo to release funding from the Tourist Attraction fund to help with security in the Tumon district.

In the press release, Respicio claimed by releasing the funds the Tumon police precinct would be able to hire additional officers.

Respicio claimed the Guam Police Department transmitted documents required to get the funding on Jan. 10 and the request is still in limbo at the Bureau of Budget Management and Research.

All this comes just days after the tragedy that has left three dead and the island in a state of shock.