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Written byJerick Sablan - Pacific Daily News

Senators could see their salaries cut by $5,000 if a newly introduced bill is passed into law.

Newly elected Sens. Michael Limtiaco and Brant McCreadie introduced Bill 30, which will reduce senator's salaries to $55,507 annually. Senators currently receive 50 percent of the annual salary of a judge of the Superior Court or about $60,000 a year, according to Pacific Daily News files.

Limtiaco said he introduced the bill to lead by example. "We acknowledge the government's shortfalls and this is one way to help," Limtiaco said.


Written by Kevin Kerrigan - Pacific News Center

Guam -A new measure introduced by Senator Rory Respicio and co-sponsored by Senator Chris Duenas, would expand on the Tiyan zoning reforms addressed in Senator Duenas's recently enacted P.L. 31-198. A release from Senator Respicio's office explains that Duenas' previous bill provided a means for zoning previously un-zoned lots in Tiyan that have recently been returned by the federal government. It did that by "extending the zoning already in place for adjacent lots."

However several parcels were not re-zoned because they were not next to already zoned lots.

This new measure, Bill #16-32, allows those non-adjacent lots to be zoned as well.


I am fulfilling my resolve to promote a one-Guam approach to the federal government through the Guam First Commission (GFC).


I am fulfilling my resolve that the Department of Agriculture will recognize the law to provide for indigenous fishing rights.