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Written by Kevin Kerrigan Tuesday, 26 March 2013 07:10am Pacific News Center

Guam - The Guam Legislature's majority and Minority Leaders are asking for Congresswoman Bordallo's input on suggestions they've come up with to revise Resolution #4-32 The resolution, in its original form, was critical of Boradllo's proposal to use Section #30 Funds to pay reparations in the Congresswoman's latest version of the WW II Loyalty Recognition Act.

In their letter to Bordallo, Democratic Senator Rory Respicio and GOP Senator Tony Ada ask for the Congresswoman's"input, and hopefully your support, on these proposals."


Written by Jerick Sablan Pacific News Center

The newly approved Guam Freedom of Information Advisory Council could meet as soon as next month.

The council's creator, Sen. Rory Respicio, said the council aims to ensure that residents have the information they need about the government.

"The public's right to know is sacred and this FOIA Council will ensure that those rights are always protected," Respicio said.

Respicio yesterday announced that he appointed four people to be on the council -- Sen. Tom Ada, Pacific Daily News President and Publisher Rindraty Limtiaco, Guam Business Magazine Publisher Maureen N. Maratita and Santa Rita resident Barry Mead.

The Legislature's executive director, Vince Arriola, appointed Bernadette Sterne Meno as his designee.


Written by Kevin Kerrigan Pacific News Center

Guam - Senators Tom Ada and Rory Respicio are proposing a 5-year standard for the duration of leases with GovGuam. The limit proposed in Bill #69 would also include lease extensions and renewal options.

READ Bill #69 HERE

In a release, Senator Ada says that “long term contracts ... beyond five (5) years should only be entered into to amortize costs associated with substantial capital improvements or other investments that were solicited to improve the services, capabilities and performance of the contracting agency by a quantifiable sum.”


Written by Kevin Kerrigan Pacific News Center

Guam - Senator Rory Respicio has announced that the draft Drug Free Workplace Policy for the legislature has been completed. Among its requirements would be random, unannounced drug tests. Respicio Chairs the legislature's Rules Committee and he asked the Director of the Legislature, Vince Arriola to draw up the policy and submit it to the Legislature's legal counsel for review.

In a letter to Arriola, Respicio commended the Director of the Legislature for including requirements for drug tests as a condition of employment, random drug testing throughout the legislative term, and a requirement that the drug tests be unannounced. All of which, Respicio says, are "within the boundaries of federal and local laws."


by Sabrina Salas Matanane - KUAM News

Guam - Following the call for drug tests by Speaker Judi Won Pat and tests taken by Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz and his staff, a draft drug-free workplace policy for the Guam Legislature has been completed and is under review by its legal counsel.

A release from Committee on Rules chair Senator Rory Respicio's office notes the Legislature's executive director Vince Arriola was tasked with the initiative at the beginning of the new term. The draft policy includes drug tests as a condition of employment, random drug testing throughout the legislative term and a requirement that the drug tests be unannounced all within the boundaries of federal and local laws. Once completed, the policy will be introduced as a resolution to be included in the standing rules.

Speaker Won Pat's office meanwhile notes that six out of its ten staffers have undergone drug tests all with negative results. The remaining four including the speaker will undergo their drug tests later this week.

The speaker and vice speaker announced the drug tests in their office after Cruz's former staffer Chris Carillo was arrested on drug charges. Senator Respicio in his release today said it's his opinion that the public announcement of any drug testing defeats the purpose of truly determining whether or not an employee is drug-free.