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Money for Education

Bill No. 28 (EC)
An Act To Earmark The Proceeds Of The Sale Of GTA To The Department Of Education.

Support for Working Families

Bill No. 030 (EC)
An Act Creating "Guam GRT Living Wage Tax Credit" Adding §26215 Chapter 26, Title 11 Guam Code Annotated.

Support for our troops

Bill No. 31 (EC)
An Act To Add Chapter 8 To Division 1, Title 22, Guam Code Annotated Creating, "Guam Military Service Relief Act Of 2005".

Parity for foreign-born children whose adoptive parents reside on Guam

Bill No. 40 (EC)
An Act To Amend §§ 3212, 3213, 3214 And 3215, And To Add A New §3215.1 All Of Title 10 Guam Code Annotated Relative To Certificates Of Birth For Foreign-Born Children Whose Adoptive Parents Reside In Guam.

Protecting the GovGuam Retirement Fund

Bill No. 45 (LS)
An Act To Amend Section 3 Of Chapter Vi Of Public Law 27-106 Relative To The Government Rate Of Contribution To The Government Of Guam Retirement Fund.

Protecting our Natural Resources

Bill No. 55 (EC)
An Act To Exclude The Ordot-Chalan Pago Area And All Other Areas Within Six (6) Statute Miles Of The A.B. Wonpat Guam International Airport As Possible Sites To Be Considered For A New Landfill As Required By The Federal Aviation Administration And The Aviation Investment And Reform Act, And To Also Exclude Areas Located Over Significant Sources Of Fresh Water, And To Require That The Department Of Public Works And The Guam Environmental Protection Agency Evaluate The Landfill Sites Already Identified In Guam Public Law 23-95 For Environmental Suitability In Accordance With The Consent Decree Issued Pursuant To Civil Case No. 02-00022, United States Of America V. Government Of Guam.

Humane Treatment of Animals

Bill No. 56 (EC)
An Act To Amend Subsections (2) And (29) Of § 67.100 Of Article 1 And To Add New Subsections (g), (h), And (i) To § 67.302 Of Article 3 Of Chapter 67 Of Title 9 Of The Guam Code Annotated (The Uniform Controlled Substances Act), And To Add A New § 121906 To Article 19 Of Chapter 12, Division 1, Part 1 Of Title 10 Of The Guam Code Annotated, To Allow Possession Of Approved Controlled Substances At Animal Shelters For The Humane Euthanasia Of Animals And To Provide For Licensed Euthanasia Technicians Under The Guam Board Of Allied Health Examiners.

Protecting our Fresh Water Sources

Bill No. 90 (EC)
An Act To Direct The Attorney General Of Guam To Condemn Certain Parcels Of Land For The Purpose Of Protecting And Reserving Said Parcels For Future Water Resource Development; And To Direct The Guam Waterworks Authority To Identify Other Areas Of Guam That Should Be Protected And Reserved For Such Purposes And Report Its Findings To I Liheslaturan Guåhan.

Protecting our Fresh Water Sources

Bill No. 139 (EC)
An Act To Create A Recycling Enterprise Zone At The Jose D. Leon Guerrero Commercial Port.

Relief for our Island's Elderly

Bill No. 151 (LS)
An Act To Add New Items 6 And 7 To §8122(d); To Repeal And Reenact Subsection (g) Of §8129; And To Repeal And Reenact Item (6) Of Subsection (d) Of §8135; All Of Title 4 Of The Guam Code Annotated Relative To Full Restoration Of Retirees Supplemental Annuity Additions, Annual Cost Of Living Adjustment, Disability Supplemental Annuity Additions, And Survivor Supplemental Annuity Additions.

Relative to the Construction of A Guam National Museum

Bill No. 155 (EC)
An Act To Construct A Guam National Museum And Assist In Furthering The Preservation And Presentation Of Guam's Culture, Heritage And History By Creating The Guåhan Heritage Facilities Board, The Guåhan Heritage Facilities Hotel Room Surcharge, And The Guåhan Heritage Facilities Fund By Adding A New Subitem (y) To §87104 Of Chapter 87, Division 8, Title 5 Guam Code Annotated; Adding A New Chapter 89 To Division 8, Title 5 Guam Code Annotated; And Adding A New Chapter 29 To Title 11 Guam Code Annotated.

Reducing GovGuam's Debt and Helping Employees to Retire

Bill No. 196 (EC)
An Act To Direct The “Windfall” Gross Receipts Tax Collections From All Liquid Fuel Products For Fiscal Year 2005 Be Utilized To Reduce Or Eliminate That Portion Of The Government’s Debt To The Government Of Guam Retirement Fund That Prevents Eligible Employees From Retiring.

Relative to the Lt. Governor's Hiring and Firing Authority

Bill No. 207 (EC)
Relative To The Appointment And Removal Authority Of Officers And Employees Within The Office Of The Governor Of Guam, The Lieutenant Governor Of Guam, The Guam State Clearing House, And All Other Offices That May Be Established And Placed Under The Purview Or Direction Of The Lieutenant Governor Of Guam By Adding A New §2103.5 To Chapter 2 Of Title 5 Of The Guam Code Annotated, Amending §6207 Of Article 2, Chapter 6 Of Title 4 Of The Guam Code Annotated And Adding A New §6207.5 To Article 2, Chapter 6 Of Title 4 Of The Guam Code Annotated.

Renaming the Dededo Flea Market to Mayor Jose A. Rivera Marketplace

Bill No. 250 (EC)
An Act To Officially Name The Area Now Referred To As The “Dededo Flea Market” As The “Mayor Jose A. Rivera Marketplace,” And To Have A Plaque Placed On The Site Commemorating The Late Mayor Rivera’s Role In Establishing The Market As A Benefit For The Residents Of Dededo.

First Step to Create the Guam First Commission

Bill No. 275 (EC)
An Act To Create A Commission On Community Support Of The Military Mission In Guam.

Providing for COLA for our island's Retired Manamko'

Bill No. 301 (EC)
An Act To Appropriate Such Sums As Are Necessary To Fund Cost Of Living Allowances For Retirees Of The Government Of Guam From The Balances Derived Through The Closure Of Dormant And Inactive Government Of Guam Special Fund Accounts, And To Repeal The Enabling Legislation Of Such Dormant And Inactive Government Of Guam Special Fund Accounts.

Relative to the Minimum Wage

Bill No. 330 (EC)
An Act To Submit To The People Of Guam A Question To Be Voted Upon In The General Election Of November 7, 2006 Relative To Raising The Minimum Wage Of Guam To Five Dollars And Eighty Five Cents ($5.85) Per Hour Effective On January 1, 2007, Six Dollars And Fifty-Five Cents ($6.55) Per Hour Effective On January 1, 2008, And Seven Dollars And Twenty Five Cents ($7.25) Per Hour Effective On January 1, 2009.

Relative to the Qualifications of the Superintendent of Education

Bill No. 340 (EC)
An Act To Amend §3104 (A) Of Chapter 3 Of Title 17 Guam Code Annotated Relative To The Qualifications Of The Superintendent Of Education.

First Step in Providing for Free and Fair Elections on Guam

Bill No. 355 (EC)
An Act To Suspend The Use Of Electronic Or Mechanical Voting Machines In Guam Elections Until Their Use Can Be Demonstrated To Be As Accurate And Effective As Traditional Paper Ballots.

Support for Non-Government Organizations

Bill No. 374 (EC)
An Act To Require That Reasonable Rates For Water And Power Consumption Be Established For Sports And Recreational Facilities Located On Government Of Guam Property Leased And Operated By Not For Profit Organizations.

Holding the Environmental Protection Agency Accountable

Bill No. 379 (EC)
An Act To Disapprove The 2006 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan Filed By The Guam Environmental Proection Agency.

Protecting our Democracy

Bill No. 380 (EC)
An Act To Amend §1000 (A) Of Chapter 10 Of Title 1 Guam Code Annotated To Include The General Election As A Guam Holiday.

Providing for Traffic Safety

Bill No. 403 (EC)
An Act To Amend §§3310, 3312 And 5114 Of Chapter 3 Of Title 16 Gca Relative To Adding Additional Reasons Operators Of Vehicles On The Roadways Of Guam May Not Be Required To Travel In The Right-Hand Lane For Traffic Or As Close As Practicable To The Road’s Right-Hand Edge Or Curb, And To Remove A Prohibition On Operation During Certain Hours.

Ensuring Accurate Revenue Forecasting for GovGuam Annual Budgets

Bill No. 407 (LS)
An Act To Establish The Office Of Finance And Budget Within I Liheslaturan Guahan For The Adoption Of An Econometric Model Of Guam’s Existing And Projected Economy To Be Used To Simulate The Effect Of Revenue Forecasting And The Coordination And Gathering Of Information Necessary For I Liheslatura To Make And Adopt Revenue Projections For The Operations Of The Government Of Guam, And To Review Legislation And Issues Of Concern Relative To Fiscal Policy Including But Not Limited To Legislative Appropriations, Taxation, Revenue Collection, General Fund Revenues, Special Fund Revenues, And Government Expenditures, And To Repeal Section 23 Of Public Law 25-176.