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Enhancing the Development of Recreation and Sports

Bill No. 18 (EC)
An Act To Enhance The Development Of Recreation And Sports In Guam By Authorizing The Lease Of The Lot Identified As The "Southern Sports Complex," Lot No. 477 In The Municipality Of Agat, Comprising An Area Of 26.5 Total Acres, With The Guam Football Association.

Providing Reasonable Rates for Water and Power

Bill No. 19 (EC)
An Act To Require That Reasonable Rates For Water And Power Consumption Be Established For Sports And Recreational Facilities Located On Government Of Guam Property Leased And Operated By Not For Profit Organizations.

Relief for the High Costs of Health Insurance

Bill No. 28 (EC)
An Act To Provide Immediate Relief To Government Of Guam Employees, Retirees, And Survivors For The High Costs Of Health Insurance By Assuming Responsibility For The Payment Of All Deductible Expenses Under The Government Of Guam Group Health Insurance Contract And To Authorize The Payment Of Premiums For Medicare Plan A (Hospital Insurance Coverage), Medicare Plan B (Supplemental Medical Insurance), And Medicare Plan A & B, From The Government's And Employees’ Contributions For Health Insurance Rates For Retired Employees And Their Survivors By Amending §4301 Of Article 3, Title 4 Of The Guam Code Annotated.

General Election as a Guam Holiday

Bill No. 29 (EC)
An Act To Amend §1000 (a) Of Chapter 10 Of Title 1 Guam Code Annotated To Include The General Election As A Guam Holiday.

Support of the Military Mission

Bill No. 33 (EC)
An Act To Create A Commission On Community Support Of The Military Mission In Guam.

Ensuring Accurate Revenue Projections for GovGuam's Budget

Bill No. 37 (EC)
An Act To Establish The Office Of Finance And Budget Within I Liheslaturan Guahan For The Adopting Of An Econometric Model Of Guam's Existing And Projected Economy To Be Used To Simulate The Effect Of Revenue Forecasting And The Coordination And Gathering Of Information Necessary For I Liheslatura To Make And Adopt Revenue Projections For The Operations Of The Government Of Guam, And To Review Legislation And Issues Of Concern Relative To Fiscal Policy Including But Not Limited To Legislative Appropriations, Taxation, Revenue Collection, General Fund Revenues, Special Fund Revenue And Government Expenditures, And To Repeal Section 23 Of Public Law 25-176.

Oaths Shall Be Administered in any Fiscal Matter Under Examination

Bill No. 42 (EC)
An Act To Amend §3111 Of Chapter 3 Of Title 2 Guam Code Annotated To Require That Oaths Shall Be Administered To Witnesses In Any Fiscal Matter Under Examination In Furtherance Of A Legislative Proceeding.

Employees Treated Fairly

Bill No. 44 (EC)
An Act To Repeal And Re-enact Chapter 4 Of Division 1, And To Repeal And Re-enact §5201(g) Of Chapter 5, Division 1, Both Of Title 22 Of The Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Ensuring That All Employees Are Treated Fairly, Have Choice In The Workplace, And Do Not Pay For Benefits They Do Not Receive.

Qualifications For Superintendent of Education

Bill No. 47 (EC)
An Act To Amend §3104 Of Title 17 Of The Guam Code Annotated, Relative To The Qualifications For The Superintendent Of Education And Deputy Superintendent Of Education.

Prohibit the Use Of Electronic Voting Machines

Bill No. 49 (EC)
An Act To Prohibit The Use Of Electronic Voting Machines Until Such Time That The Guam Election Commission Ensures That Each Voting Machine Provides An Auditable “Paper Trail,” Certifies That Equipment Testing, Security Procedures And Staff Training Has Taken Place, And Conducts An Island-Wide Education Program For Voters To Properly Utilize Such Machines, Such That Their Use Will Be No More Problematic Than Using Paper Ballots, By Adding A New Subitem (E) To §2103 Of Chapter 2, And Adding A New §7103.1 To Chapter 7, All Of Title 3 Guam Code Annotated.

Salary Cuts for Classified Employees to the Salaries of all Elected Officials

Bill No. 63 (EC)
An act to apply any across-the-board salary cuts for classified employees to the salaries of all elected officials.

Electrical Generation in Guam and Compensation for Net Metering Customers

Bill No. 113 (EC)
An act to add a new §8104(14) to Article 1 of Chapter 8 of Title 12 Guam Code Annotated relative to implementation of provisions to promote the development of alternate sources of electrical generation in Guam, and to amend §8505(3) of Article 5 of Chapter 8 of Title 12 Guam Code Annotated, relative to setting the rate of compensation for net metering customers.

First-year revenues from New or Increased Fees

Bill No.151 (EC)
An act modifying provisions relative to the content of the annual operating budget for the government of Guam by amending Title 5 Guam Code Annotated Chapter 4 § 4013 relative to the responsibilities of I Maga’lahen Guåhan; amending Title 2 Guam Code Annotated Chapter 9 by adding a new § 9101.1 relative to fiscal accountability of I Liheslaturan Guåhan; amending Title 2 Guam Code Annotated Chapter 9 by adding a new § 9110 relative to first-year revenues from new or increased fees, taxes or other revenue enhancements; and amending Title 2 Guam Code Annotated Chapter 13 § 13106 relative to the Office of Finance and Budget.

Freezing Basic Property Tax Levels

Bill No. 152 (EC)
An act to amend Title 11 Guam Code Annotated, Chapter 24, relative to freezing basic property tax levels at their current rate, and to adding a property tax levy on the future sale of land, and to require a property valuation every five (5) years.

Providing Additional Tax Collecting Assistance

Bill No. 158 (EC)
An act to provide additional tax collecting assistance to the Department of Revenue and Taxation by adding a new § 15104 to Chapter 15, Title 11 Guam Code Annotated relative to authorizing the Director of Revenue and Taxation to enter into delinquent tax collection contracts; to add a new Chapter 53 to Title 11 Guam Code Annotated relative to the creation of the Delinquent Tax Collection Fund; to provide a sunset provision to the delinquent tax collection contracts program, and to add a new § 15105 to chapter 15, title 11 Guam Code Annotated to permit the contracting of deputy tax collectors.

Establishment of the Practice of Telemedicine

Bill No. 245 (LS)
An act to amend Title 10 GCA Chapter 12 § 12202 (b) relative to exceptions to the physicians practice act by adding a new subitem (8).

Access to Off-island Healthcare (Air Ambulance)

Bill No. 335 (EC)
An act to define "Air Ambulance Services" and "Air Ambulance Services Membership Plans" and to exempt "Air Ambulance Services Membership Plans" from the Guam Insurance Code by adding new §§ 12104(ii), 12104(jj) and 12113 to Title 22 Guam Code Annotated Chapter 12.

Protecting the Local Rights

Bill No. 341 (EC)
An act to amend Title 21 Guam Code Annotated Chapter 15 § 15105 relative to requiring legislative authorization for the exercise of Eminent Domain by the government of Guam.

Prohibiting Sale of Property for Educational Puposes

Bill No. 345 (EC)
An act to prohibit any sale, exchange, transfer, pledge, hypothecation or encumbrance of the government of Guam real property identified as Lot Nos. 5136-1-1-1, 5138-R3, 5139-R3, 5139-3-R1 and 5139-3-1 located in the Municipality of Tamuning, upon which the campuses of John F. Kennedy High School and Chief Brodie Memorial Elementary School are located, and ensuring for perpetuity that the primary use of the property shall be for educational purposes.

Random testing of welfare recipients for non-prescribed controlled substances

Bill No. 347 (LS)
An act to amend Title 10 Guam Code Annotated Chapter 2 § 2113 relative to including nonprescribed controlled substances to the list of items that shall not be purchased with public assistance funds, and to implementing random testing of welfare recipients for non-prescribed controlled substances.

Fees due while member is on active duty outside of Guam

Bill No. 348 (LS)
An act to add a new Subitem (f) to Title 11, Guam Code Annotated Chapter 1 § 1107 relative to requiring a deferral of payment of fees due for Government of Guam licenses by a member of the Guam National Guard or Reserves and dependents while the member is on active duty outside of Guam.

Creating Guam First Commission on the military mission

Bill No. 378 (EC)
An act to add a new title 1 Guam Code Annotated chapter 23, relative to creating Kumision Guahan Fine'nana (the Guam First Commission) on the military mission in Guam, and to amend title 4 Guam Code Annotated chapter 2 2105 relative to representation of sexes on boards and commissions.

Benefit adjustments for current employees effective of Fiscal Year 2009

Bill No. 384 (EC)
An act to adopt the personnel rules and regulations for aviation-related positions unique to airport operations and certified, technical, and professional employees, as required by P.L. 29-24 and as received by the legislative secretary of I Mina' Bente Nuebi na Liheslaturan Guahan on November 7,2008, and to make compensation and benefits adjustments for current employees effective on the first day of fiscal year 2009.