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Public Law 27-20
An Act To Require Six (6) Months Performance Reviews Of The Heads Of All Agencies, Instrumentalities And Entities. (SBill No. 7, Sponsor - R. J. Respicio, passed: 04/11/03; vetoed: 05/06/03; overridden: 05/16/03)

Public Law 27-38
An Act To Create A Recycling Revolving Fund To Fund The Recycling Of Automobiles, Trucks, Heavy Equipment, And White Goods As Provided For In The Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan As Adopted In Public Law 25-175, By Adding New Article 5 To Chapter 51 Of Division 2 Of Part 2 Of Title 10, And By Amending §7161 Of Title 16, Guam Code Annotated. (SBill No. 96, Sponsor - R. J. Respicio, passed: 10/31/03; signed into law: 11/13/03)

Public Law 27-148
An Act To Postpone The Implementation Of Public Law 27-38, And To Make Changes To Guam's Recycling Law By Amending Article 5 Of Chapter 51, Division 2, Part 2, Title 10, Guam Code Annotated, And Amending Public Law 27-38:4. (SBill No. 405, Sponsor -R. J. Respicio, passed: 12/20/04; signed into law: 12/30/04)

Public Law 27-84
An Act To Provide For A Five (5) Day Or Less Quarantine Program For Pets Entering Guam, Provided That Requirements Are Met Prior To Entry, By Amending §34302(B) Of Title 10, Guam Code Annotated. (SBill No. 249, Sponsor - R. J. Respico, passed: 04/23/04; signed into law: 05/06/04)

Public Law 27-151
An Act To Provide Transition Of Benefits For Retirement And Accrued Sick Leave For The Guam Telephone Authority (GTA) Classified Employees Covered Upon The Privatization Of GTA, Pursuant To Public Laws 26-70 And 27-63. (Bill No. 413, Sponsor - R. J. Respicio, passed: 12/20/04; signed into law: 12/30/04)

Public Law 27-100
An Act To Amend §3113 And Add A New §3113.1 To Title 16 Of The Guam Code Annotated, Relative To Providing Standards For The Operation Of Drivers Education Schools. (Bill No. 299, Sponsor - R. J. Respicio, passed: 06/18/04; signed into law: 06/25/04)