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Hafa Adai from the Guam Delegation to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Biba Democrats! Biba Guam!


July 12, 2016- Senator Rory J. Respicio sponsored legislation that would set wages paid to DOC inmates for prison labor to the federal prevailing wage for such labor. “This would not only provide fairness in the wage practices but also aid in restorative justice for victims of crime and in meeting obligations such as spouse and child support payment,” said Respicio. Respicio explained that under the existing Prison Industries Program 25% of what an inmate earns goes to Criminal Injuries Fund for victims of crime; 25% go for court ordered fees, fines and restitution; 25% goes to fund the programs supported by the Prison Industries Fund and the remainder is available for the inmate’s personal use unless the entire wages are used to meet existing spouse and child support payment obligations.

Respicio explained that this bill is an important component to the on-going partnership between the Guam Department of Labor (DOL) and the Department of Correction (DOC), in that DOL will utilize its workforce development funds to make the certification and eventual employment of DOC-eligible inmates possible.


New recycling industry subsidy program being put in place by Guam EPA cheers recyclers

July 1, 2016- Senator Rory J. Respicio’s new law to support Guam’s fragile recycling industry and further direct dedicated recycling funds to accomplish the mission of cleaning up the island is moving forward, according to officials of the Guam Environmental Protection Agency.

Since 2004, Guam consumers have paid into the fund when they purchase goods that will have to be recycled in the future, such as automobiles, trucks and tires.

At the same time costs to ship recycled goods off-island and wildly fluctuating world prices for such items have shaken the economic foundation of the Guam recycling industry.