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June 22, 2016- With his wife Joleen and their son RJ, Senator Rory J. Respicio today filed his candidacy for the 34th Guam Legislature. Respicio stated that he is running on issues relative to government reform, fairness for small business and working families, and protection of the environment. “With the support of the people, I am committed to standing up for the people of Guam and fighting for their future.”

As a Senator, Respicio has been responsible for new laws creating a Recycling Revolving Fund to fund recycling programs; setting up the Guam First Commission so that the community speaks with one voice on federal territorial issues; improving court collection of child support payments; expanding mammogram coverage under the MIP program; reducing red tape for small business; providing new funding sources for education, the hospital, and the police; reforming the election code for free and fair elections; establishing an economic stimulus program for private sector recyclers; and providing the financing to bring tax refunds current.